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How to make a delicious espresso, cappuccino

Whether it is espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, lattes or americano you want to make, the basis will always be espresso. Espresso is a way of preparation where hot water is pushed through the ground coffee under pressure. No expensive space consuming electrical machine is needed: it can be done on the stove top with a simple espresso coffee maker (espresso cooker, moka-express). Not to be confused with a cafetierre or perculator.
Hand made is cheaper and tastes better than modern machines like Senseo, Nespresso or Tassimo

The following topics will be covered:
1. The basis: espresso.
2. Cappuccino.
3. Serving and variations.
4. Feedback and links.
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The basis: espresso.

Twist the upper part from the machine.

Remove the coffee container (pad) from the lower part.

Pour water in the lower part (leave the valve free).

Put the coffee container back in place.

Fill the container with coffee powder.

As mentioned before, espresso is a way of preparing, not a type of coffee. It is important though that you use a fine and evenly ground coffee powder. Don't use a filter grind but an espresso grind, or something inbetween the two. We got very good results with Narasu's coffee from South India.

Distribute the powder evenly.

Screw the upper part of the machine back on.

Put the machine on a small flame on the stove.

Once the coffee starts running, make sure to keep the flame at its lowest to prevent a bitter taste.
When using an induction hub, be sure to keep it at a moderate setting. Maybe 5 on a scale of ten.


While the espresso is on the stove you can prepare for the cappuccino, if you want.

Put some milk in a whipping cup.

Whip firmly.

Heat it in the microwave oven.

Of course you can also heat the milk on the stove and whip it by hand.

Serving and variations

When your espresso maker on the stove starts to simmer and make bubbly sounds, it's nearly finished. Stay close to not let it cook dry. When there is no more coffee dripping from the top tube, all is done.

If you like a strong espresso, just pour it into a pre-heated cup.

For an americano add the same amount of hot water.

Or you use the espresso to make your cappuccino:

Pour it into a large cup.

Add the heated whipped milk.

Drop the foam on top.

Finish it off with some cocoa powder.

Ain't that some picture?

Now it's time to enjoy.


Narasu's Coffee Outlet, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Feedback and links

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