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Lily's Mini Travel Guide - Vegetarian in Iran


Iran is kebab country, but compared to 20 years ago, traveling as a vegetarian isn't too bad. Here are some suggestions what to eat and where to get it.


snack bar There are many snack bars, and they often have a falafel sandwich, a cutlet roll, or a samosa. Sometimes even french fries.

greengrocer's Having a picnic is very popular in Iran, so settling down in the shade of a tree in a park is a good alternative. You should get your flat breads directly from the bakery when they come out of the oven. Buy your fruit, cucumber and tomato at the greengrocer's. Yogurt, cheese and jam are found in the small shops that are everywhere.


In the evening you can go after the lunch options again. Or pursue a more extensive dinner. There is no dining-out culture, so there are not many cozy restaurants. The restaurants with "traditional" in the name are meant especially for tourists. Consider a restaurant that belongs to a hotel if necessary.

Next, it is important to find out what vegetarian options are on the menu. Usually there is at least one egg-plant dish (eg kashk-e-bademjan), and also egg dishes (eg kookoo-o-sabzi). By default they are served with bread, but often rice is also available - even if it is not on the menu.

The drinks, especially the fresh juices, can be as expensive as the more simple dishes. If you want to economize, it is acceptable not to order a drink. And you can also drink the tap water.

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Breakfast is always included with your overnight stay. Flat bread, soft white cheese, egg, jam, tea and instant coffee are the basis. Sometimes supplemented with yogurt, dates, watermelon, etc.

If you want to make your own muesli, yogurt is very easy to get everywhere, both in the supermarket and in the small shops. Oat flakes can be found in some supermarkets.


coffee shop Coffee in a café is a relatively new phenomenon. In the city you see more and more cafes, but a good coffee is relatively expensive - think European prices. In the most touristy spots, a coffee or a juice may suddenly cost a fortune. Always ask before ordering how much something is. It is a pity this is necessary, because by far most Iranians are honest, hospitable, friendly and helpful.

In the supermarket you can buy plenty of instant coffee. If you make your own espresso or filter coffee, try one of those modern coffee shops - some sell ground coffee.

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*last update 2018*

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