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Surat Thani railway station area | Phun Phin

Surat Thani railway station sign Surat Thani is a major transport hub in Thailand. For tourists it’s a place to get on/off a night train to/from Bangkok and take a ferry to Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao. It’s also a place to cross Thailand from east to west, from the Gulf islands to the Andaman coast, Phuket and Krabi.

The train station is way out of town, in the small town of Phun Phin. And that area actually makes a good place for a stay over – assuming you arrive and/or depart by train to begin with – smaller and hence more manageable than Surat Thani town. There’s a decent hotel, some fine restaurants, a night market and ample 7-Elevens, Family Marts and even a Mini Big C to stock up. At night you’ll find backpackers waiting for trains, but otherwise it has the charm of a small Thai town.


Hotel Nadpob sign Hotel Nadpob is behind the railway station - that is the river side. You can take the pedestrian bridge, exit through the small market, go right and after 200 meters you will see Nadpob.

It’s built as your typical Chinese hotel but now painted in bright colours. The lobby is large and light with big sofas and a constant 3-in-1-supply. The rooms are upgraded with new tiles, new linen and new mattresses. All good value for money. From the window at the end if the corridor you can see the railway station and trains.


Mean-Meena sign Opposite the main exit of the train station, somewhat to the left, are several places to eat. Our favorite is Mean-Meena (closed Sundays), just south of the 7-Eleven. These places don’t stay open very late.

A little up and to the left is Soi Sophunphin. Here’s the night market and more restaurants. Choa Koh Roti Almost at the north end is Choa Koh Roti, which stays open later for sweet or savoury roti's.

Back on the river side, there’s a stretch of boulevard just south of where the railway footbridge takes you. 100 meters north of there is the Nimnad café that has a deck precariously overhanging the Ta Pi river.

A trip to Ratchaprapha Dam aka Khao Sok NP

Khao sokMost backpackers visit Khao Sok NP by taking a bus or minivan to the main park entrance, checking into one of the many guesthouses there and then booking a tour. The tour consists of transport to the Dam, a boat trip, a night in a floating shack, a walk and a swim.

All this is perfectly all right, but if you prefer to make your own arrangements rather than joining a tour group, that is also easy. Your best base would be Phun Phin, or Surat Thani railway station. You can book a shared van via your hotel or Wut Travels (located left of the railway station, past the clock tower). They pick you up from your hotel and drop you at the pier/jetty. Depending on whether you need to go via the airport to pick up some passengers, the ride takes just over an hour.

khao sok jetty At the pier there are shops, restaurants and several desks where you can book a boat for 2 or 3 hours – or with an overnight stay in floating accommodations. They all have the same boats and prices (starting at 1700 Baht). The boat trip along submerged karst mountains and jungle hills is really spectacular.

minivan booking office – an unsigned office To get back to Surat Thani, either have your return ride prebooked, or take a songthauw-taxi to the main road (401) and go to the minivan booking office – an unsigned office 200m east of the junction – for a shared van back to Surat Thani.

Please note that land accommodation is not near the pier, so inconvenient if you don’t have your own transport. Also there is no need as it can all be done as a one day trip from Surat Thani - taking 6 to 7 hours.


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